Our Approach

We believe sound investment objectives, thorough reviews, risk management and discipline lay the groundwork for superior portfolio design. We seek to create well-diversified portfolios across various asset classes. This approach should help us minimize risk during volatile market cycles.


It is our goal to recommend businesses that have strong current cash flow and provide, in most cases, high dividends to their shareholders. We also strive to recommend businesses with strong management teams and in sectors with high barriers to entry, high profit margins, and solid balance sheets. We are not sector-focused, but instead apply a bottom-up approach, while also keeping a consistent eye on the macroeconomic environment to identify emerging demographic, capital-spending, interest-rate and other significant trends. We believe in incorporating multiple “sleeves” into our strategies – equity growth, equity income and opportunistic, to name a few.

Investment Strategy

We believe in allocation among numerous asset classes in order to help reduce risk and potentially maximize return. We custom-tailor each recommendation based on the client’s risk tolerance, but will include cash, equity, fixed income and alternative investments for qualified investors as appropriate. Our investment strategy is flexible, and the allocations we recommend to our clients are subject to change.

Our goal is to maximize each portfolio’s total return by recommending reallocation assets among stocks, bonds and cash equivalents.

We base asset allocations on various economic, interest rate and financial market projections.

Global Investing

It has been our experience that as the world shrinks, investment opportunities have presented themselves across the globe. The most successful U. S. Companies appear to be deriving a significant portion of their revenues from overseas. Our commitment to investing globally extends beyond equities into our fixed income and alternative strategies. Global investing, which combines both domestic and international securities in a single portfolio, can open the door to investment opportunities worldwide. A global approach gives portfolio managers, acting on behalf of investors the flexibility to pursue what they believe to be the best investment opportunities in the world, providing an important source of portfolio diversification in the process.

Fixed Income

Our fixed income recommendations may include all sectors of the bond market: government, corporate, municipal, mortgage and foreign debt. Our bias is towards strongly rated issues except where we see potential upgrades in the corporate space. When selecting recommendations for clients’ portfolios, we use both a top-down and bottom-up technique in our effort to add value. The criteria that we typically examine include duration, volatility, sector, yield curve, credit analysis and selection of individual issues.

Many of our clients rely on their portfolio interest to supplement their income. To address this goal, the recommendations would focus on preserving capital while seeking to provide a predictable income stream. We tailor each portfolio to attempt to maximize after-tax income. Frequently we recommend utilizing preferred stock, real estate investment trusts (REITs) and master limited partnerships (MLPs) to help increase yield.

We look for recommendations that strive to meet the focus on the following fundamentals:


High earnings and revenue growth
Above average yields


Low relative price to earnings ratio
Experienced management
Divided growth


Achievements of our targeted price objectives
Failure of corporate developments (such as earnings or revenue growth, product development or cost reduction measures) to develop as projected, etc
Change fundamentals


Divorce is an incredibly emotional time for everyone. While a lawyer should be retained for the legal work, we can help analyze the financial implications of the divorce as well as work with your lawyer on achieving and equitable settlement.


We have a wide array of alternative investments available to our qualified clients. We offer these clients strategies designed with low correlations to the broad equity and bond markets, including private equity, real estate equity & debt, hedge funds of funds, single-strategy hedge funds, long-only absolute return strategies, commodities and structured products.

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